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Shop and support the PKU community
Shop and support the PKU community
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Cook for Love Toggle Pearl Necklace
Cook for Love Toggle Pearl Necklace
Cook for Love

Cook for Love Toggle Pearl Necklace

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grit /grit/ noun
1. small, loose particles of stone or sand, synonyms: sand, dust, dirt
2. courage and resolve; strength of character, synonyms: courage, bravery, pluck, fortitude, determination, perseverance, tenacity, backbone

Pearls were once thought to be tears of the Gods.  But the reality is that pearls are formed when an unexpected irritant -- a grain of sand, a small parasite -- makes its way into an oyster.

The oyster covers the irritant again and again as a defense mechanism.  Layer upon layer of this coating is deposited in a brickwork pattern, which makes the coating of the pearl harder and more resilient than aluminum.  What emerges is a thing of beauty.

The diagnosis of PKU is an unexpected irritant.  It is not fair.  We coat our hurt, sadness, worry and feelings of helplessness, isolation and frustration with layer upon layer of action.  This coating provides us with the most beautiful and unexpected jewel: a strength of character that we never knew we had.  Dealing with difficult things in life does change us.  It gives us a different perspective on our life.  It provides us with a sense of pride, as nothing is taken for granted because our path -- not the end goal -- is different from that of others.  Along the way, we develop a deeper appreciation of the little things -- whether reaching a milestone, enjoying a good meal or just getting a good level.

So to all of my metabolic community that have allowed this challenge to make you better (not bitter), this necklace is for you.  You have more grit than anyone I know.

100% of our profits from the sales will be donated to National PKU News' programs to support the PKU community, with a focus on the most vulnerable: those in financial need, parents of young children with PKU, and women with PKU who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

I had the honor of working with Jillian McDonnell of Jill Mac Jewelry to design this piece of wearable art to represent our journey.  Each piece is oxidized Sterling Silver and hand fabricated by Jillian so the numbers are limited.

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